Covent Garden in London

Covent Garden in London

Covent Garden is a district of London which was built during the second half of the twentieth century and is the heart of tourism in London. Located in the eastern part of the city of Westminster is an area full of shops, street performers, places to eat, dinner or drinks and many entertainment venues such as the legendary Royal Opera House in London.

In e l center of Covent Garden is the market, shopping visit site secured for your trip to London. Sometimes you can even enjoy street performers in this area of London.

Another landmark is the Covent Garden Apple Market , a market where you can find everything, antiques, the latest in fashion, art, jewelry, and all surrounded by street performers to entertain your walk through this area.

The church in Covent Garden is St Paul’s Covent Garden c nown as the church of the actors because of the close relation of this church with the art guild. You can also find monuments to different actors as Charles Chaplin.

But one of the most beautiful temples and worth admiring on your walk around Covent Garden is the Temple Church , Church of the Temple built by Knights Templar in the twelfth century. Also an extraordinarily beautiful building in Covent Garden is the Palace of Justice and Royal Courts of Justice.

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