St Paul’s Cathedral in London

St Paul’s Cathedral in London

Saint Paul’s Cathedral , the Cathedral of St. Paul located in London is one of the monuments when necessary visits England. This is of a cathedral whose history dates back to the year 604 AD In ese momento was a church built of wood that was renovando in the years 675, 962 and 1087, But this old church sufrió a devastating FIRE in the year 1666 so procedió to be its new construction and as such the conocemos there between the years 1676 and 1710. This was directed by Christopher Wren built on the ruins of this ancient medieval wooden church.

Here was the much-remembered wedding between Princess Diana and Prince Charles of England, and the funeral of Churchill. It is a venue for major celebrations in England.

The dome of this cathedral is the second largest in the world being just behind the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican.

Also stresses the wonderful view of the city of London that can be seen visiting the Cathedral of St. Paul, up to the dome to visit the so-called Whispering Gallery , designed so that 32 yards away can hear the whispers.

In the crypt of the Cathedral in London are many historical characters such asHoratio Nelson, Wellington, Lawrence of Arabia and Alexander Fleming

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