Advice and documentation to travel to Brazil

Advice and documentation to travel to Brazil
If you want to travel to Brazil and do not belong to one country or members of Mercosur (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador)
need some documentation and meet certain requirements to enter the country as tourists.
If you’re Spanish is important to know that since last April 2 Spanish tourists all who wish to enter Brazilian territory will have to have a passport, return tickets, hotel reservations and support of financial resources (at least 74 euros per day per person).
If we are to receive housing from a friend or family member will require an invitation letter notarized.
The Passport must be valid at least six months
If we travel to Brazil for the first time it is usual not give us the most visited by 15 to 30 days following admissions in our country see that we expand the number of days up to ninety days.

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