Pushkar in India

Pushkar, na Índia

| October 23, 2013 | 0 Comentários

Pushkar is considered one of the most ancient cities of the India. On the banks of Pushkar Lake, the pilgrims take baths in Holy waters, while not far away, vendors and craftsmen await patients when selling. Pushkar is located in the State of Rajasthan, about 14 km to the Northwest of Ajmer. This village is […]

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The Shrine of Ellora, in India

O Santuário de Ellora, na Índia

| September 17, 2013 | 0 Comentários

In western India, in the state of Maharashtra, there is a place tucked away amidst mountains Charanandri: Ellora, one of the most unique sanctuaries Asia. Perched among waterfalls and streams, rises a set of 34 caves temple, carved into the rock over a thousand years ago. Among them Kailasanatha temple, the king lost jewel Krishna […]

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