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awesome timelapses of new york

timelapses impressionante di New York

| December 15, 2016 | 0 Commenti

awesome timelapses of new york The Manhattan Project HD1080P Time-lapse This time-lapse production has been a wild and exhilarating ride, with a lot of physical work lugging my 120-130 pounds of gear around all of Manhattan. I bended (broke) some laws and made a ton of friends. Thank you all for your support and please […]

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RISVEGLIO | Lasso di tempo della NUOVA ZELANDA

| November 11, 2016 | 0 Commenti

AWAKENING | NEW ZEALAND 4K ULTRA HD AMPLITUDE | NEW ZEALAND SOLITUDE | NEW ZEALAND NEW ZEALAND NEW ZEALAND time lapse New Zealand or New Zelandianota is a country in Oceania is located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean comprising two main islands, North Island and South Island, along with many other smaller islands, prominent among […]

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Patagonia Time lapse

Lasso di tempo della Patagonia

| November 4, 2016 | 0 Commenti

Patagonia Time lapse Patagonia Patagonia is a geographical region located in the southernmost part of America, comprising areas of southern Argentina and Chile. Politically, the region is divided into two: the Argentina Patagonia, east, and Chilean Patagonia, west. Patagonia covers an area of 1,060,631 square kilometers. While there is no consensus on the exact limits […]

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Timelapse – Portugal Night Skies

Timelapse - Cieli notturni del Portogallo

| November 4, 2016 | 0 Commenti

Timelapse – Portugal Night Skies by Paulo Ferreira Timelapse – Portugal Night Skies by Paulo Ferreira This work was developed over almost three years and for this purpose it was necessary to register timelapse footage in low light pollution areas. All places where I have captured those plans, are shown at the end of the video. […]

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Oporto – Timelapse

Oporto – Timelapse

| November 3, 2016 | 0 Commenti

Oporto – Timelapse video by Paulo Ferreira Oporto Porto is a Portuguese city, capital of the homonymous district, located in the northwest of Portugal and belongs to the northern region and sub-region of Greater Porto. The city of Porto is known as the City and Invicta as the Capital of the North. It has an […]

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The most beautiful villages in Mexico

I borghi più belli del Messico

| June 20, 2016 | 0 Commenti

Mexico is a North American country known for its historical and cultural background both , as well as its large exotic beauty , which makes it more attractive than other countries in the region. When we think of Mexico , what comes to mind are the great civilizations that inhabited its territory in antiquity, as […]

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Peru : land of hidden treasures

Perù: terra di tesori nascosti

| April 18, 2016 | 0 Commenti

Today we ‘re going to bring some of the hidden treasures of Peru Macchu Picchu The citadel of Machu Picchu is considered the main tourist spot in Peru and one of the most visited worldwide. This marvel of Inca architecture is located in the department of Cusco to 2.360 meters of altitude, in the Valley […]

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Hotels relais du silence

Hotel Relais du Silenzio

| December 21, 2015 | 0 Commenti

If you are looking for peace, tranquility, relaxation in your next holiday and also to be in a unique natural environment we offer you some hotels whose philosophy is based precisely on these premises. We are talking about Relais du Silence Hotels It is a set of elegant and charming hotels found throughout Europe. You […]

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visa for Argentina

visto per l'Argentina

| November 22, 2015 | 0 Commenti

We all know how difficult it is to get a visa to go to another country. Long waiting at government agencies, make payments with his conditions and all this can be done only before learning the steps that must be taken in each country where you can get it in different ways and have different […]

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ski Holidays Hotel

sci Holidays Hotel

| November 21, 2015 | 0 Commenti

If you want to have the best vacation of your life in a really lovely place in the middle of the mountaisn not hesitate to stay at hotel chamonix a whole Chamonix Luxury 4 star hotel located in an exceptional área called Argentiere, a French village in the Haute-Savoie in the town of Chamonix -Mont […]

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