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Baikal Lake in Russia.

Lac Baïkal en Russie.

| July 22, 2013 | 1 Comment

Baikal Lake is a lake of superlatives. It is the deepest in the world and seventh in size. Only surpassed by volume of water by the Caspian Sea. If the water is distributed evenly over the planet, this would be covered by 20 cm of water. With more than 25 million years, Lake Baikal is […]

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The Ermitage Winter Palace in Russia.

Le palais d'hiver de l'Ermitage en Russie.

| July 17, 2013 | 0 commentaires

The Ermitage Winter Palace is a masterpiece of Rococo design. St. Petersburg, architect, Rastrelli 1754 to 1762. With the Rococo usually reserved for the furniture, the remarkable sixteenth-century architect Rastrelli created what is surely the most famous building of imperial St. Petersburg: the Hermitage Winter Palace. Built between 1754 and 1762 for the Empress Elisabeth […]

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Cappadocia in Turkey.

Cappadoce en Turquie.

| July 9, 2013 | 0 commentaires

Cappadocia, which was once the Roman Empire province, is now a sprawling area in central Turkey, located between Aksaray in the west, Kayseri in the east and Nigde in the south. Modern Cappadocia is an amazing place, crossed by valleys and dotted with dramatic rock formations. Whatever your expectations will not go home disappointed. Agencies […]

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Milford Sound in New Zealand

Milford Sound en Nouvelle-Zélande

| July 4, 2013 | 0 commentaires

Milford Sound is one of the most famous tourist sites in New Zealand. The sea, internal land within an area southwest of the South Island, and does so in a landscape of rugged coastline with rocks and chasms that rise sharply up to 1200 meters, and countless waterfalls cascading to the sea. Situated within Fiordland […]

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The Gulf of Girolata in France.

Le golfe de Girolata en France.

| July 1, 2013 | 0 commentaires

The Gulf of Girolata is located in Corsica and belongs to France since 1768, as the Gulf of Porto, Piana Calaques and Scandola Reserve, which in 1983 was declared as a whole by UNESCO as World Heritage Site within the category of Good Natured. The Gulf of Girolata is a replica in miniature of the […]

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